reading readiness

reading readiness

Reading Readiness

Age: 4+ Years Old | Duration: 1 Hour | Price: 45

Maximum Five Students Per Class | 10 Week Terms

Includes Reading Readiness Class + Parent Feedback + Step to Prep Workbook

Sequential and streamlined, the Reading Readiness class  is sure to give children an invaluable start to their reading journey. Each lesson has been designed to explicitly teach children the fundamentals of Literacy and Early Reading. This program teaches effective reading strategies, the importance of comprehending and understanding a text, as well as embedding a love of reading for pleasure. The benefits of this class are endless!

our readers learn:

  • Book Awareness and Concepts

  • Early Reading Strategies

  • Vocabulary Development

  • Comprehension Development

  • Sequencing and Retelling Main Events

  • Expressive and Fluent Reading

  • Rhyme Development

  • Punctuation Awareness

  • Prediction and Connection to Texts

  • Fiction Vs Non Fiction Texts