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How to keep the learning going over the holidays?

There are super simple ideas that you can do as a parent to ensure your little learners continue to learn as we head into the festive season. As we have stated time and time again – Learning is FUN so we need to keep it FUN! As we head into 2020 at this rapid rate, we still want to have our children prepared for school. School Readiness is the key if we want them to be confident, positive and willing to learn successfully when the schooling journey begins.

Our School Readiness Studio on the Gold Coast suggests some simple, fun ideas to integrate various Early Learning experiences into the holiday season.

1. Beach Writing - Write names, letters, numbers in the sand with fingers/sticks/shells.

2. Santa List – Together sound basic words out and demonstrate correct letter formation to your child. Encourage your child to trace or copy the word.

3. Card Writing – Encourage your child to write a card to some friends – model how to do this by demonstrating the correct layout of a card. To ______, Merry Christmas! From _______. Stick a Candy Cane on the front for extra incentives!

4. Christmas Books -There are so many Christmas Books at this time of year to purchase for a small price. The Library is also a great place to visit for a load of Christmas Books at no additional price!

5. Letter to Santa- If your children are too young, write the letter together - sounding out words like ‘santa’ – encourage them in a positive manner to build their confidence for future writing practices.

6. Toy Catalogues -Cut and Paste Ideas into a Scrapbook. This activity will help strengthen their hand muscles and fine motor skills. Teacher them how to correctly use scissors and glue sticks by showing them.

7. Christmas Collage – Endless Ideas! Print a Christmas Tree/Santa/North Pole Template and give the children a range of art and craft resources to collage their picture. Collage materials could include coloured paper, pom-poms, tinsel, sequence, shiny paper etc.

8. Christmas Cooking – Reading a recipe provides so many learning opportunities. This is also a great activity for the introduction of measurement when measuring ingredients. Reading the ingredients list and the method/procedure is also a good introduction to how different genres are displayed.

9. Counting - Count items around the home/on holidays - shells at the beach, blocks to make a tower, decorations on the Christmas Tree etc. Encourage one-to-one correspondence to ensure children are counting groups of items correctly.

10. Be plan free! Enjoy Family Time! Keep things simple!

The holiday season is a great opportunity for quality time with your children. It is during this time that incidental learning can easily occur. Spend the time demonstrating ideas to your children for the best learning outcomes to occur.

Happy Holidays!

Jo Jackson

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