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Welcome to Step to Prep, an innovative Boutique Learning Studio bridging the gap between kindy and formalised schooling.

Gold Coast based, Step To Prep is passionate about Early Years Education. We believe that for children to thrive in a classroom environment, preparation is vital. Step to Prep offers boutique studio classes that explicitly model, teach and monitor specific formalised schooling skills in small class settings.

Our courses have been carefully curated to ease a child into conventional schooling so that when the time comes, they feel confident and happy during this integral transition into school and life.

Educator and Founder of Step to Prep, Jo, understands that a tailored approach to teaching will be most beneficial. Because of this, Step To Prep is structured in such a way that classes consist of small numbers to ensure optimum attention and care for each individual child.

In an intimate setting, Step to Prep covers a range of concepts and content to help aid in the child’s preparation for their near future. The content is derived from the Foundation Level of the Australian Curriculum and therefore will expose children to several concepts before entering the school setting. These concepts have a strong focus on Pre-Literacy and Pre-Numeracy skills.

Children will become familiar with skills they will be required to use at school in a small group settings, all while participating in fun, interactive learning activities that will set them up for success.

Experienced educator, teacher and mother of three wonderful boys, Jo Jackson is passionate about the developing minds of children and enhancing their learning capabilities through unique and innovative ways. Raising her three young children, Jo understands that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to learning. Using her background in a conventional school setting and raising her sons, Jo has carefully streamlined teaching concepts tailored to each individual child.

With a Bachelor of Education and a passion for Early Years Education, Jo is a highly experienced educator and bases her teachings on the Foundation Level of the Australian Curriculum as well as the Early Years Framework.

As a parent, Jo understands that it can be difficult for a child to transition into formalised schooling. For most parents, choosing the right path to set their child up for success can be overwhelming. With Step To Prep, Jo is bringing a wealth of knowledge, experience and heart to create the perfect stepping stone for your child.

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