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Building the Foundations

I strongly believe in building a solid foundation in the early years of a child’s learning. It can be a considerable benefit to the beginning of a child’s educational journey. I believe school readiness opportunities allow children to make the transition to school feeling confident, grounded, knowledgeable and ‘school ready.’

At Step to Prep, based on the Gold Coast, our School Readiness Program builds solid foundations. Our classes have been designed to teach children the very basics before they begin school. With this in mind, it is our goal to expose the children to concepts and skills that will help them settle into school at ease.

Some would say, ‘Why are school readiness classes even necessary? Won’t they will learn all of this at school? My answer to that is yes, they will. However, these skills will be taught to 30 other children at the same time with varying degrees of learning abilities. To be honest and fair, teacher’s simply don’t always have time to attend to every child’s needs – although they try their very best. Teaching these concepts and skills are often rushed over as the curriculum is too crowded to remain on tasks, even when children don’t grasp a concept. This is why our school readiness classes offer small class sizes so we can focus on the individual and their ability. At their young age, the development is incredible and fascinating.

One of my biggest goals is to give Prep teachers a hand. I want children to enter their classroom confident and ready for learning! They might not be able to recite absolutely every letter and sound – but they would have heard about it. For me, it is all about exposing the children to what they are about to learn. This will make the learning process easier – I promise.

School readiness classes at Step to Prep will build the foundations for your child to be ‘school ready.’ We truly would love to meet you!

Jo Jackson

Director and Educator

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