parental consultations and workshops

for the parents

Parental Consultations

Parent To Teacher | Duration:1 hour | Price: From 90

Includes School Readiness Guidelines, suggested activities and take home resources

Additional Leaning Packs: 60 

Step to Prep offer private school readiness consultations for parents who wish to learn more about the subject of ‘school readiness’. These consultations are suitable for families who perhaps cannot make our weekly classes, but want to ensure their children have learning opportunities provided to them to be ‘school ready’.


In these consultations, we discuss a general guideline regarding what children should know before they begin school. We provide and demonstrate some suggested activities to support these skills as well as provide you with some personalised take home resources for your child. Additionally, for an extra cost, learning packs are available upon request.

*Please Note: These sessions are for Parent and Teacher only*

our parents will learn:

  • Fundamental School Readiness and expectations

  • Realistic learning timelines and goal setting

  • Tailored learning strategies to roll out at home

  • At home activities to promote learning and healthy development

  • Beneficial tools, books and equipment to promote learning at home