primary tuition

primary tuition

Primary Tuition

Age: Primary Aged | Duration: 45mins-1hour | Price: From 35

Step to Prep offer tuition opportunities to all primary school aged children with qualified teachers. Every lesson is tailored to suit the learning needs of the individual to maximise learning outcomes and each lesson is delivered in a fun, engaging learning environment. We specifically target the subjects of Literacy and Numeracy to enhance the understanding and learning of key concepts. Each session provides assistance to students needing further development or extension in their learning journey.  We offer tuition in a group setting with a maximum of five students or alternatively you may seek a private tuition session that can be either a 45 minute or 1 hour time slot.

primary tuition options:

Group Tuition (Max Five Students):

45 Minute Group Session

$35 Per Student

1 Hour Group Session

$45 Per Student

Private Tuition (Max One Student):

45 Minute Session

$55 Per Student

1 Hour Session

$70 Per Student