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School Readiness Gold Coast
School Readiness Gold Coast

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Step To Prep is a Gold Coast based boutique learning studio, offering a range of educational services to children and their families. We offer school readiness classes, primary tuition as well as parent consultations for those parents who would like expert advice. It is our mission to provide a service that works closely and conscientiously with each individual child to ensure they have the tools, confidence and a solid understanding to take on any learning experience in the school environment. 

Step to Prep's school readiness program familiarises young children with what lies ahead as they embark on a new stage of their learning development. It is an intimate learning experience, that serves as a valuable stepping stone to school. It can either be a great alternative to an Early Learning Centre, or an additional learning experience outside of the regular kindergarten program. 

Our primary tuition service will ensure your child receives specific and streamlined lessons in the learning areas that need either improving or extending. We offer tuition classes in a group or private setting with experienced, qualified teachers.

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Through play, children learn and grow. Children spend their early years developing through play in a multitude of environments in our community. Play is essential for their development but sure enough, they'll be ready for more.


Step To Prep specialise in bridging the gap between “pre-school” and the setting of a school classroom. We believe there are essential aspects of learning that will benefit the child so that when the time comes, they feel prepared and confident to enter formalised schooling.


Step to Prep is a boutique learning studio that specialises in preparing young children for their near future. We focus on familiarising children with new vocabulary common in a conventional school setting as well as introducing them to a similar surrounding and atmosphere, different to that of their early learning centre. Additionally, our tuition classes ensure children become confident learners who believe in their individual learning ability. We engage and support each individual in our fun and nurturing learning space.

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We offer

School Readiness

Preparing young children for formalised schooling while developing their knowledge in numeracy and literacy. With a focus on building their confidence and understanding in a safe, supportive environment.

Primary Tuition

Tuition opportunities are available to all primary school aged children with qualified teachers. Every lesson is tailored to suit the learning needs of the individual to maximise learning outcomes

Reading Readiness

This program teaches effective reading strategies, the importance of comprehending and understanding a text as well as embedding a love of reading for pleasure. The benefits of this class are endless!

Parental Consultations

With growth and success in mind, we work one-on-one with parents to help establish tailored learning strategies to roll out at home, supporting their child's learning journey.

Step To Prep is a unique, boutique learning studio dedicated to promoting confidence and understanding in each child. Unlike larger centres and school facilities, Step To Prep conduct tailored classes in a small group setting to better support the development of each student. The small group settings allow the teacher to explicitly model, teach and monitor numerous concepts as well as skills to make their school experience more successful.


We believe that play is vital for young, developing minds. At Step To Prep, we combine a series of fun, interactive learning activities in conjunction with a strong focus on Literacy and Numeracy skills. In a comfortable and safe environment, the children will begin to understand the reality of a formal classroom setting, better preparing them for the coming years so the adjustment process is more manageable for the parent and happier for the child.

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"Step to Prep has been instrumental in the development of  my daughter. She is excited and ready for big school.”


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